5 Workout Tips to Tone Thighs

Most of us have areas of our bodies that we’d like to tone up, slim down, or strengthen. For many, that area is the thighs.

“Thighs are a source of a lot of complaints for some clients,” says Sarah Bright, certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor from the Midtown Athletic Club in Chicago. But not all of those complaints are healthy.

Are Your Thigh Fat Goals Healthy?
Bright says she tries to help clients not only get the body they want, but learn to appreciate the body they have. She teaches them to embrace the muscles and strength of their legs, helping to distinguish between being “skinny” and being healthy.

“There’s this belief that ‘skinny’ legs are the goal, so I work with clients on improving leg function — strength, endurance, power — and focusing on what their legs are doing for them,” she explains.

Chasing your toddler around a playground or playing a pick-up game of basketball with your spouse: “Are the things that make great legs, and a slim, toned look is just a side benefit of being able to do them,” says Bright.

Spot training refers to working out a muscle group in an effort to target fat loss in that specific area. It doesn’t work. But increasing your strength and muscle tone in that area does work. By using weights and body resistance, you can encourage muscle growth — which isn’t a bad thing if you want to tone your thighs.

“The muscle growth and improved strength provide a nice shape to the leg,” explains Bright, “and the toned look that so many people want.”

By combining these moves with cardiovascular work and explosive movements like squat jumps and switch lunges, you can burn fat in the process. Bright recommends the following five exercises for thigh toning and muscle development, as well as fat loss.

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