Ways To Tone Your Inner Thighs

According to research, varying degrees of exercise can significantly decrease or increase the likelihood of getting a respiratory infection.

Whilst regular moderate exercise helps to reduce the chance of getting cold-like infections, lengthy periods of strenuous exercise, like marathons, could make a person more susceptible.

Upper- respiratory tract infections are infections which have an effect on the throat, nose and sinuses, that include tonsillitis, the common cold, flu and sinusitis. Viruses which circulate in the environment typically bring about upper- respiratory tract infections. Although constantly confronted with these viruses, it’s the status of the immune system which determines if we succumb to infection or don’t. Exercise combined with genetics as well as other external factors such as poor nutrition, lack of sleep and stress, can have both a negative and positive effect on immune function. Together these factors determine a person’s susceptibility to infection.

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